Attendees Learn the Basics of Aquaponics

Dededo, Guam – Twenty four (24) participants attended Guåhan Sustainable Culture’s (GSC) first Introduction to Aquaponics Workshop on Saturday, May 25, at the Farmers’ Cooperative Association of Guam in Dededo. This marks the third in a series of workshops created to promote food security, inspire new and existing farmers, and raise awareness about sustainable agricultural methods.

Aquaculture specialist Dave Crisostomo was the presenter for the workshop. Dave was the first to introduce recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics to the island of Guam. Since retired after 28 years as an Extension Agent at the University of Guam, he now specializes in system design of home and commercial aquaculture systems.

In the workshop he discussed aquaponics basics, system components, nutrient dynamics, water quality, and fish and plant selection and considerations for Guam.

Dave Crisostomo presenting to 24 participants that attended the GSC Aquaponics workshop.

More photos of the workshop can be viewed HERE.

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