Summertown Microgreens Workshop for Residents

February 01, 2020 As part of its year long programming, Guåhan Sustainable Culture held its popular microgreens workshop for the seniors and residents of Summertown Estates. Through this activity, participants were able to bring their finished plantings home to care for and harvest on their own.  The workshops are designed to encourage seniors and theContinue reading “Summertown Microgreens Workshop for Residents”

Oceanview Middle School Career Day

February 21, 2020 Guåhan Sustainable Culture founders enjoyed talking to Oceanview Middle School students about their goals and ideas as well as the importance of food security and a career in farming.  Students afterwards participated in a hands-on activity  transplanting their very own eggplant seedlings to take home and care for on their own. WithContinue reading “Oceanview Middle School Career Day”