Backyard Egg Production

March 07, 2020

Guåhan Sustainable Culture welcomed over 30 future chicken farmers to a Backyard Egg Production workshop that was conducted by the University of Guam’s Extension Specialist, Dr. Bob Barber along with Mark Acosta and Jessica Nanguata who are also from UOG.

The workshop discussed how chickens, when kept in proper conditions, can be wonderful stewards of the earth and valuable assets to your garden, lawn and compost pile. Attendees were able to see a live chicken pen and also build a moveable chicken coop using materials that are affordable and easily sourced on island.

After a detailed discussion of how to care for day old baby chicks, everyone was given the opportunity to place orders for their very own baby chicks to start raising for a consistent supply of fresh eggs at home.

We hope every attendee absorbed the valuable knowledge of backyard egg production. This is one step towards becoming less relient on imported foods and more sustainable in your home-garden practices.


  1. Hello, I’m interested in attending your workshop for BACKYARD egg production. Would like to attend the next workshop. Also, would like to get education on farming and growing my fruit and vegetables in my back yard.

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