Virtual Microgreens Workshop

November 14, 2020

Microgreens (Online Workshop)

Despite moving towards an online format due to COVID-19 restrictions, Guahan Sustainable Culture nonetheless presented another hit microgreens workshop that welcomed 16 participants. The workshop entailed an educational discussion on the techniques and methods of growing your own microgreens right inside your home. Participants were provided with a starter kit before the workshop so that they could plant alongside their instructor, Michelle Crisostomo, owner of Tiny Greens Guam and President of GSC. Participants learned how convenient it would be to have fresh veggies to put in their soups or salads — all stemming from the satisfaction of having grown these microgreens themselves! 

The success that comes along with workshops like these provides GSC with great pleasure, as it helps push our initiative towards food security and food soveriegnty one step further.

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