Raising Hens for Laying Eggs (Online Workshop)

February 13, 2021

Due to the continuing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guahan Sustainable Culture conducted a successful online workshop that educated twelve (12) attendees on how to properly raise hens to cultivate eggs in their own backyard! 

Spearheaded by professionals from Hawaii’s Asagi Hatchery, the workshop incited various methods on how to raise one’s own productive flock of chicken. The presentation elaborated on essential topics such as understanding the nature and breeds of chickens, how to properly feed your respective flock, and what types of things are needed to sustain a coop. 

Following this in-depth discussion, attendees were encouraged and provided the opportunity to purchase their own baby chicks to begin raising their own domestic farms in an effort to produce fresh local eggs right at home. 

The knowledge gained from this workshop supports one, of many, of GSC’s initiatives towards food sovereignty and the benefits that are reaped from doing so.

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