GSC gives first time scholarships

Recipients of GSC's inaugural Sustainable Futures Scholarship.

Two high school students are the recipients of Guåhan Sustainable Culture’s (GSC) inaugural Sustainable Futures Scholarship. The scholarship was created for high school seniors and college students who have given their time and energy helping the organization work towards its mission for a more food sovereign Guåhan.

On May 12, 2021 the non-profit organization awarded two $500 scholarships, one each to St. John’s School seniors Grace Hutapea and Seyoung Choung, to be used towards expenses for their university education.

“Grace and Seyoung were instrumental in the research for GSC’s public humanities project Ginen I Gualo’ – Histories of Farming and Agriculture on Guåhan, and their contribution to the project helped to make it a success” said Michelle Crisostomo, GSC Co-founder and President. “This is the first year for GSC’s scholarship and we are encouraged by the community’s support and the growing interest of the next generation of leaders and activists, interested in sustainability and food sovereignty, to be able to continue this scholarship for years to come.”


“Learning about Guam’s history in the context of food and agriculture was such a unique and eye-opening experience that I’m so grateful to have had! Ms. Kristin Oberiano and Ms. Elyssa Santos are bright historians who I had the privilege of learning from and working with.”
Grace Hutapea
Scholarship Recipient

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