GSC Cultivates New Guam Green Growth Community Garden

A new community garden curated by Guåhan Sustainable Culture will bring many new partnerships, promote sustainability, and educate present and future generations.

The beautiful village of Hagatna received a new fruitful garden site across the street from the U.S. post office.

A bright sign sits in the front lawn displaying the numerous collaborative partnerships with the Serve Guam Commission, the Office of the Governor, AmeriCorps Guåhan Sustainable Culture (AmeriCorps GSC), the University of Guam, the Guam Legislature, and the Guam Green Growth (G3). It also re-affirms the commitment to the G3 initiative which is to achieve a more sustainable, prosperous, and equitable future for our island.

The garden is approximately 1400 hundred square feet and was designed by Co-founder and Vice president Marlyn Oberiano. The purpose of the grounds is to contribute to the implementation of the G3 goals for healthy and prosperous communities.

The garden will be a place of discovery, and a learning environment for all including the next generation. AmeriCorps GSC members will help develop the garden, teach, and share knowledge with residents in the environment.

GSC is looking forward to creating educational resources and opportunities around food security and healthier lifestyles. They will be incorporating structures such as raised beds and trellises, including herb pyramids.

GSC is also working on developing a children’s garden, where they will be introduced to environmental issues, living healthier lifestyles, and work skills by helping in the garden. It will also be an environment where neighbors, partners, residents, and colleagues come together to bond and share their knowledge and experiences.

There will be efforts to engage with the homeless population in the community. The outreach will be geared towards at-risk and homeless individuals by offering them a place to do community garden work. Through the outreach it will also promote workforce development. GSC will even allocate a portion of what will be harvested there to give to homeless and impoverished families or individuals.

GSC is planning garden volunteer days where community organizations and groups will be invited to volunteer. This will be a great place for those looking to volunteer their time and talent.

So far, a few large groups have already volunteered, like Bank of Guam, GTA, and U.S.S. Emory S. Land, who contributed their time on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

Additionally, unused spaces of the garden will be turned into green productive vegetable plots as well as give others who do not have the space an opportunity to grow.

There are plans to extend this project islandwide.

Special thanks to all who contributed to our growing initiatives:

Pacific Federal Management
Guam Windward Memorial
PFM/Vertex JV
Guam Trades Academy
Airman Leadership School
Farm to Table
Home Depot
Pacific Unlimited
Bank of Guam

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