Guåhan Sustainable Culture Receives $1,914 Donation from Atkins Kroll Guam as part of their Community Matters program


In celebration of Atkins Kroll’s 100 years, they are giving back to the community by donating a share of $1,914.00 (the year the company was founded) to local charitable causes. Charities are chosen for a percentage determined by the customers of Atkins Kroll.

GSC was chosen by AK in November 2021 to receive the full $1,914. Funds will be used to support GSC’s  mission in developing a sustainable future for the beautiful island of Guåhan. 

We are deeply grateful to them for choosing GSC and supporting our cause!

About Guåhan Sustainable Culture

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (formally organized as Oceanic Ascent, Education, Inc) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation and the US Internal Revenue Service.

GSC provides educational opportunities to people of all ages who are interested in learning about how to live more healthy and sustainable lives while being more food secure. GSC aims to protect our environment, reduce our community’s reliance on imported food, increase access to fresh local food, and nourish our people by engaging community members in cultivating self-sustaining food systems through small-scale family farms and gardens as well as community gardens.

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