“Farm Business Planning Workshop” Introduces New Farmers to the Business Side of Farming.

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (GSC), in collaboration with Farm to Table Guam (FTT), hosted its first “Farm Business Planning Workshop” for participants in GSC’s Poultry Development Program and FTT’s 2021 Farmer Training Program

The workshop took place February 23rd at the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce in Hagatna. A total of 11 up and coming farmers attended the training in person and 12 attended on zoom. 

Representatives from USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA), Guam Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Guam Department of Agriculture, Farm to Table Guam and Guåhan Sustainable Culture gave presentations. 

The workshop covered managing your farms financials, tax reporting requirements and exemptions, funding sources, disaster assistance, marketing and social media, bona fide farmer requirements and waste management plans. 

“The goal of the workshop was to assist the new farmers in our programs to be successful with their farm business and to share the many valuable resources out there that they can benefit from.” said Michelle Crisostomo, Co-founder and President for GSC. “Managing farm finances may be the most difficult part of making a living in agriculture and we want to start them off in the right direction.”

GSC’s Poultry Development Program participant Jon Quidachay said, “It really altered my perception of the added support from the different groups and agencies. SBDC offered good insight on the things needed to take our business to the next level.  The USDA presentations were just as informative on how I could take my business dream and expand its “ideas”!  It was also great hearing from the other organizations and knowing we have the mentorship available to kick start our businesses!”

“As a beginning farmer, without the push from GSC, SBDC, and Farm to Table, I would still be trying to figure things out on my own,” said Kaya Taitano who is a participant in both GSC and Farm to Table Guam’s programs. “I appreciate the local access to these knowledgeable organizations. They empower our people by providing the education and resources needed to bring our island a few steps closer to food sovereignty.”

Representatives speak to new farmers during the “Farm Business Planning Workshop.” Pictured left to right: Jathan Muna-Barnes (Guam Dept. of Agriculture) Thalia Gange (Farm to Table Guam) Angel Paulino (Guam SBDC) Doreen Rivera and Ilene Quitugua (USDA Farm Service Agency) Emily Spencer, Michelle Crisostomo and Marlyn Oberiano (Guåhan Sustainable Culture)

About Guåhan Sustainable Culture

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (formally organized as Oceanic Ascent, Education, Inc) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation and the US Internal Revenue Service.

GSC provides educational opportunities to people of all ages who are interested in learning about how to live more healthy and sustainable lives while being more food secure. GSC aims to protect our environment, reduce our community’s reliance on imported food, increase access to fresh local food, and nourish our people by engaging community members in cultivating self-sustaining food systems through small-scale family farms and gardens as well as community gardens.

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