Typhoon Mawar recovery efforts – GSC distributes Farmer Relief Micro-Grants to 20 farmers

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (GSC) distributed micro-grants to twenty (20) farmers to help with the recovery efforts on their farms. Funds were raised beginning on May 25th for the purpose of distributing food to shelters, providing financial support to partner farmers to help recover from significant losses to their farms, and help in rebuilding GSC’s three community gardens.

“We are thankful to the farmers for everything they do and all the support they have given to our programs in the past. Food security is a major concern of ours and we want to do everything we can to get our farmers back on their feet.” said Michelle Crisostomo, Co-founder and President for GSC.

To date, GSC has raised $5468.00 via the paypal link on their website https://gusustainable.org/donate/ and they continue to raise funds in hopes to provide additional relief and to reach more farmers.

“We are so appreciative of the timely help from GSC!” said Micah Griffith, Beekeeper and owner of Hafa Adai Honey. “We are grateful for the generosity of funds, their time, and their guidance.  We have several beehives and colonies to replace, and the grant from GSC will help us to do that.  Many thanks from the bees and their keeper!” Micah continued.

“I do appreciate the help and aid,” said poultry and fish farmer, Edward Sabedra. “I’ll be restarting my flocks soon. Thank you again for the support during these rough days.” 

Farmer Ron Laguana shared, “ A heart felt appreciation for the grant for it would help me in my recovery efforts and to restore my farm so that I can continue to provide fruits and vegetables for my family, friends and community in growing food as we’ve done historically and culturally.”

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