Li'l Sprouts Academy Summer '23 Program Wrap-Up

September 7, 2023

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up the second year of our Li’l Sprouts Academy Summer Program. In the first session, the students learned all about how to care for plants in sustainable ways, using kitchen scraps for pest control and creating a compost bin.

Our second session was full of guest speakers and field trips teaching our students more about the kind of food we have access to on our island, as well as how they can best take care of themselves and their environment. We had weekly visits from UOG’s Nutrition Division to facilitate workshops to show the kids what is in the foods they eat and how they can make healthier choices. They had lessons on how they can make choices everyday to become a better person in their daily lives, whether it was in what they eat, what they do, or what they say. This session, we were able to take a field trip to Hyatt, where we looked at the kitchen and were given a demonstration on how to make pesto pasta and maki rolls. We had many guest speakers who had valuable information to teach our students. From suicide prevention to Sihek restoration efforts, there was no shortage of essential knowledge being introduced.

As we reflect on the end of our second summer, we are grateful for the opportunity to enlighten and enrich these students’ lives in any way possible – even in the smallest ways. We hope to continue passing the knowledge we have to the youth on the island and exposing them to different ways to live this life.

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