Inaugural Farm to School Field Trip

October 26, 2023

October, the Farm to School month, bursts into life with an exhilarating start – marking the grand inauguration of GSC’s Farm to School Project! We’re igniting the month with a thrilling journey as we embark on our very first field trip to the vibrant Guam Green Growth Community Garden in Hagåtña.

Fourth grade students from P.C. Lujan Elementary School took a fun and educational field trip to our Community Garden, where they enjoyed guided tours and explored our nursery, compost bin, and garden beds. This expanded their knowledge of a wide variety of locally grown plants. 

Immersed in an exciting hands-on session, students enthusiastically explored diverse gardening tools while discovering their functions. They were captivated as they observed the enthralling life cycle of a basil plant, unveiling the journey from seed to flavorful, nutritious herb. This engaging activity nurtured their understanding of plant development, fostering an appreciation for wholesome, homegrown foods.

A guest speaker from TakeCare shared a vital lesson on nutrition with the students on how to create a healthy, balanced meal using the MyPlate method. At snack time, the students were given locally grown bananas to reinforce the importance of healthy eating with foods they can find in their environment.

The students ended their field trip by sowing seeds for all the vegetables needed to make tinaktak. We then designated two garden beds for transplanting seedlings, encouraging the students to return to the garden with their families to track the progress of their plants and foster a deeper connection to their environment. This hands-on experience not only nurtured their individual connections to the environment but also sparked a deeper, more personal bond with nature’s wonders.

We look forward to sowing the seeds of knowledge at our upcoming Farm to School field trips!