Cultivating a Healthier Tomorrow with the Healthy Futures Challenge

November 4, 2023

We had a successful start to our Healthy Futures Challenge with our first workshop, Intro to Gardening and Food Nutrition. While enjoying the fresh air at our Hagåtña G3 Community Garden, our 33 participants learned how to sow seeds and how to use the basic gardening materials to begin their own thriving gardens. 

Participants also learned how to use and make the most of their garden’s produce through a basil grinding demonstration and a tasting of pesto made with fresh basil from our garden.

Healthy Futures Challenge is a free 5-part workshop series designed to provide community members with the practical skills to start and maintain their own gardens. Funded partly by a grant from the Payless Community Foundation, the initiative aims to enhance food sovereignty and promote healthier living by encouraging participants to take control of their food choices and make informed choices about their nutrition through sustainable local food production.

Click here if you would like to recreate the pesto recipe our participants tasted and learn how to grow your own basil! 

If interested in signing up for the upcoming Healthy Futures Challenge workshops, click here to check available slots.