Guahan Sustainable Culture, incorporated as Oceanic Ascent Education, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 

Typhoon Mawar Response Efforts

We humbly ask for the community’s assistance for our organization, so that GSC can help to rebuild our food systems through providing support to uplift and restore our farmers and our community as well as rebuild what was destroyed at our three community gardens that have been severely damaged. Many in the community are without food, and our farmers have lost much if not all of their crops. The typhoon has devastated our livelihoods, destroyed food, and is driving up hunger. It is our fear that we may permanently lose a majority of our farmers, resulting in a destruction of our food systems because of this disaster. We hope to provide help to our farmers, in areas of financial support, mental health and wellbeing needs and more, as well as to help provide food for those in need. We were successful in our emergency relief efforts during Covid-19 as we raised money to support our farmers and distribute their produce throughout the island to families and individuals in need. We ask for your support once again to provide relief efforts to our community now.