Sustainability and Small-Scale Gardening and Farming

GSC will provide educational opportunities to interested individuals, groups and other organizations. GSC will participate in and contribute to sustainability conferences and forums as well as conduct workshops including hands-on training.

Workshops and presentations will be conducted by individuals who are knowledgeable in their area of expertise regarding sustainability. Workshops will also address practical, viable and attractive methods to sustainable gardening and farming methods. These workshops include growing microgreens, hydroponic and aquaponics systems, and safely raising chickens and other livestock.

GSC plans to offer workshops to individuals and groups at least monthly at various locations throughout the island. These workshops and presentations will provide individuals with the knowledge to set up their own small-scale gardens or farms.

Sixty (60) percent of the organization’s time will be devoted to education on sustainability and small-scale gardening and farming methods.
These workshops will further GSC’s exempt function by providing interested individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to work toward becoming proficient in growing their own food as well work toward the capacity to guide the island towards food sovereignty and food security.
GSC will also maintain an online resource library with a database of articles, research, as well as traditional books on sustainable farming methods and related topics.

GSC as part of its education efforts will conduct local research including surveys. Such survey may be of the different types of gardening and agriculture methods on island – ie: hydroponics, aquaponics, microgreens, backyard gardens, livestock, etc. and the support they need. Surveys will be taken at the flea markets with produce vendors and at other venues such us village food festivals. GSC plans to partner with local educational institutions to conduct these surveys. Results of these surveys will assist in the furtherance of GSC’s mission.

Funding for these activities will be nominal fees from workshops participants but mainly donations from individuals and businesses and grants from other non-profit organizations and government entities.

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