Healthy Futures Challenge

The Healthy Futures Challenge 2023 on Guam is dedicated to promoting food sovereignty by encouraging residents to cultivate their own produce, aiming to reduce the island’s reliance on imported food and improve overall well-being by addressing issues like childhood obesity and related health problems. The initiative targets the high rate of childhood obesity—39% above the U.S. average—linked to severe conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. By providing resources and knowledge for growing nutritious foods, the program endeavors to combat malnutrition in both children and adults.

Engaging up to 50 community members, the initiative involves gardening and food preparation workshops that provide necessary materials for growing diverse fruits and vegetables. It aims to guide participants through every stage of the gardening process, from seed sowing to maintenance and composting, in order to establish flourishing gardens, whether through planting beds or containers.

Since January 2019, Guahan Sustainable Culture (GSC) has been actively planning and maintaining three community gardens on the island, extending its efforts to schools by July 2022, including programs such as the Li’l Sprouts Summer Camp. The GSC staff, in collaboration with selected community members, will oversee the three-month Healthy Futures Challenge 2023 activities, offering continual support with seeds, seedlings, and guidance even after the program concludes. Funded partly by a grant from the Payless Community Foundation, this initiative aims to enhance food sovereignty and promote healthier living through sustainable local food production on Guam.

Seats are limited so sign up below to secure your spot! Have questions? Call 671-486-4721

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