Healthy Futures Challenge

The Healthy Futures Challenge aims to promote food sovereignty on Guam by encouraging residents to grow their own produce. Around 90% of all food found on Guam is imported from other nations. If the Guam community embraces local food production then this will lessen our reliance on imported foods while, at the same time, nurture healthier lifestyles. This program also seeks to address the related issue of poor nutrition which leads to childhood obesity and other health conditions. The island’s rate of childhood obesity is 39 percent higher than the U.S. average, according to a University of Guam study. The study also determined that this condition can increase the risk for serious chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer for the affected persons. We believe that if island residents are equipped with the materials and knowledge for growing nutritious foods then we may see decreased rates of malnutrition in children and adults.

The Healthy Futures Challenge will engage up to 50 community members in a series of gardening and food preparation workshops. They will be provided the materials to cultivate a variety of fruit and vegetable plants. The program goal is to help community members build and maintain thriving gardens – whether that means planting beds for those with yards, containers for those with limited growing space, or some combination of both. Participants will receive guidance from our team at every step of the growing process including sowing and saving seeds, transplanting, applying fertilizers and natural pesticides, harvesting, composting, and maintenance. 

Since July of this year, GSC AmeriCorps members have been immersed in garden site planning, implementing, maintaining, harvesting, community engagement, and more. The AmeriCorps members, under the supervision of experienced staff, will facilitate the activities of the Healthy Futures Challenge. Major activities will take place over the course of three months with continued monitoring and support for any participants that need it. The aspect of continued support will include providing additional seeds, seedlings, and general guidance – even after the program (and grant period) has ended.

Schedule of events:

All workshops start at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm

Intro to Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Saturday 1/8/2022 at Sagan Kotturan CHamoru

Container Gardening and Sheet Mulching

Saturday 1/8/2022 Sagan Kotturan CHamoru

Microgreens & Bean Sprouts / Seedling Care and Transplant

Saturday 1/15/2022 at G3 Community Garden in Hagatna

Pest and Disease Management

Saturday 1/22/2022 Sagan Kotturan CHamoru

Harvesting, Seed Saving and Food Prep

Saturday 2/26/2022 Sagan Kotturan CHamoru


Participants will learn how to grow the following. Click on each produce listed to learn more.




Long beans





Kang Kong

Sweet Potato Leaves  


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