A CARES Grant in connection with Humanities Programs

As a current 2020 CARES Act grantee of Humanities Guåhan, GSC became eligible for a secondary grant from the CARES Act Emergency Relief Grant Program. With this funding GSC was able to create virtual workshops, a video on public foraging, and establish a community seed bank. We believe that these activities will aid our community in making decisions about where their food comes from, what types of food to grow and how they are grown.

GSC Seed Library

Saving our local seeds promotes food sovereignty, helps to increase local food security, reduce our carbon footprint and connect the island community with affordable and healthy food options. Contribute or take home seeds and support sustainable gardening.

Visit our GSC Seed Library at Suite 154-156, CHamoru Village. When you bring in your seeds you can drop them off and exchange them for some of the saved seeds that others have brought to the library.

Virtual Workshops to Promote Food Security and Food Sovereignty

Microgreens are the baby plants of what grows into a vegetable or herb. They are tiny, colorful, and very tasty. These greens are often used as flavorful toppings to salads, soups, and sandwiches.  Watch our video and learn more about what makes microgreens so unique.

Food security depends heavily on an abundance of natural pollinators, including honeybees. Watch our virtual workshop and learn about how beekeeping started on Guam and the organization and farmers who play a vital role in promoting and educating our community about local bees.

Pickling food is a great way to preserve your harvest while at the same time increasing the nutritional content of your food! Pacific peoples, too, have practiced food preservation for a long time and in their own unique ways. Learn how to pickle your own food by watching a recording of our virtual workshop. 

Public Foraging

Public foraging is a practice that has potential to contribute to urban nutrition, food security and food sovereignty, within the growing social movement toward local, sustainable food production. 

GSC’s public foraging video focuses on culturally significant plants that can be foraged and eaten around the island. This project’s aim is to reconnect people with how food works, get them away from the notion that food is only in a grocery store and spread awareness for the potential for deliberately creating food forests.

Click on the map to find places to forage or contribute to our map by sharing other foraging locations on Guåhan. 

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