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A ‘No Waste’ garden project

AmeriCorps GSC invites all local gardeners to share their backyard harvest. By donating your fresh fruits and vegetables, you will help our community thrive. 

Donations are received on Mondays at the Guam Green Growth Community Garden in Hagatna from 3:30 – 5:30pm. 

Donations go directly to families in need or to organizations that help feed those in need such as:

  • Guma mami
  • Alee shelter (CSS)
  • Mane’lu
  • Micronesian Resource Center One-Stop Shop (MRCOSS)
  • Kamalen Karidat (CSS)
  • Guma san jose (CSS)
  • Harvest House
  • Mayor’s Offices
  • Salvation Army
  • Oasis Empowerment Center
  • Guam Homeless Coalition
  • And others

When you stop by you can also receive free seed packets for your garden!

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when bringing your donation.

Only donate produce you would eat yourself.

Produce must be free of mold or decay and have enough shelf life to last three to five days.

Produce must be properly packed in cardboard boxes or sturdy containers to prevent damage.

Produce is sanitary and free of rodents and insects.

Produce has been grown using water from a public water system free from pathogens or contaminants.

Produce has been handled by people who have followed proper handwashing procedures and are free of illnesses.

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