Become a AmeriCorps GSC Site Supervisor

Volunteer as a Site Supervisor for AmeriCorps Guåhan Sustainable Culture

Site Supervisors are a big piece of the development of the members!  Not only do they provide adequate supervision of the AmeriCorps Members at their service sites, but they play an important role in facilitating their learning and growth. The Site Supervisor will provide information, orientation, guidance, and support necessary to contribute to our programs and to help the members experience personal and professional growth.

One extremely important role of the Site Supervisor is to monitor the number of hours a member has served, as well as what they spent those hours doing, in order to verify that member’s eligibility for the education award.

Supervising AmeriCorps Members at Different Sites

AmeriCorps Guahan Sustainable Culture members serve at several locations: 2 Community Gardens, our office headquarters and several other sites that are determined throughout the program year.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the contact form below or call (671) 486-4721.

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