School Gardens Project

About the Project

We are starting or expanding 10 school gardens this year! After recognizing the public’s interest in implementing gardens at schools, we’ve decided to listen. The goal of this project is to educate and increase students’ exposure to how food is grown and where real food comes from.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any Guam PreK-12 school 
  • A committed project team of at least 3:
    facilities staff, administrator, teacher (can have additional)
  • Commitment to at least 3 years of garden maintenance by project team
  • Commitment of project team to participate in 3 required webinars
    in the months of October, November and December 
  • Commitment to complete 2 brief evaluation surveys
    (at project close and 6 month follow up)
  • Plans to integrate local food into classroom educational learning activities

Each school will receive:

  • Age-appropriate garden lesson plans
  • Building materials for raised garden beds
  • Compost/soil
  • Seeds
  • Plant starts
  • Basic gardening tools
  • A network of educators to help along the way

There is also an option to establish an indoor hydroponic garden instead.

For more information please contact Emily at or call (671) 486-4721.

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