Announcing GSC’s new Seed Library!

The GSC Seed Library is officially live at the CHamoru Village. We are looking for more seeds to increase our stock. Stop by to share your excess seeds and pick up some new ones to diversify your garden, save money, and share the love of gardening.

Beginning July 22nd, you can visit our GSC Seed Library at Suite 154-156, CHamoru Village • Tuesdays to Thursdays 2pm to 5pm. When you bring in your seeds you can drop them off and exchange them for some of the saved seeds that others have brought to the library.

Saving our local seeds promotes food sovereignty, helps to increase local food security, reduce our carbon footprint and connect the island community with affordable and healthy food options. Contribute or take home seeds and support sustainable gardening.

Seed saving, the act of storing certain seeds from local fauna for future use, was used on Guåhan and throughout the world since ancient times. Learn more about how the practice of seed saving helps in our movement towards attaining food sovereignty.

The GSC Seed Library was made possible with funding from Humanities Guahan and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as part of the Federal Cares Act of 2020.


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