Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families

In April, GSC launched Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families and our Farm Fresh Produce program to distribute locally-grown produce form Guam’s farmers, bolster the island’s agricultural economy, and provide farm fresh produce to our community. 

Through both programs, we’ve raised $69,000 and purchased 25,000 lbs of produce from 50 local farmers. Through our Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families initiative,  we’ve given 7,900 lbs of produce and 760 seedlings to 800 families. View our report above to learn more about donations, distribution, our partnerships and communities we’ve worked with. Click here to learn more about this initiative.

Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families is made possible by our donors, Humanities Guåhan, and the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH) as part of the federal CARES act of 2020, and the Guam Economic Development Authority.


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