• Common name: Turmeric
  • Type: Root vegetable
  • Scientific name: Curcuma longa
  • CHamoru: åsngot
Flavor profile: pungent, bitter

Best used as: grated/chopped in soups and stir frys, can be dried and used in various applications


Turmeric Tonic Tea

Makes 3 – 4 servings

Recipe by


  • Turmeric
  • Pandan leaves
  • Moringa leaves
  • Calamanse or lemon
  • Black peppercorn or peppercorn


Using a spoon, scrape the turmeric to remove some of the outer skin. Then chop, smash, or grate the turmeric. Bring about 4 cups of water (more or less depending on how strong you’d like your tea) to a soft boil and add the turmeric, moringa leaves, pandan leaves, and pepper.

Boil and steep about 10 minutes, squeezing in calamansi/lemon juice towards the end. Strain and add desired sweetener (we like honey!). Enjoy nice and warm or put it in the fridge to have it cold and refreshing later! 

Turmeric has long been lauded as a healthy superfood, packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory power and immunity boosting benefits. Tea is a great way to enjoy those benefits and this is a very versatile recipe – experiment and try to add other ingredients you might like, such as ginger, basil, lemongrass, and more.

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