Guåhan Sustainable Culture

GSC envisions a Guåhan where its people strive toward food sovereignty and greater food security, where its people are proficient in cultivating their own food, and most importantly, where its land, air and seas are sustained for future generations.

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A portion of your Farm-Fresh Produce purchase goes towards our Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families initiative.

In light of the current health crisis, many of Guam’s farmers have experienced a loss of income, jeopardizing production of local foods . Meanwhile, there are people who are in need of food in this difficult time.
The “Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families” initiative was formed to help support farmers and in turn, supply local produce to organizations helping feed those in need and families directly. We urgently ask the island’s community for support. All donations will go to those those in need. Click the image above to contribute to this cause.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families initiative as well as future workshops, outreach and events. Click the image above and visit our Volunteer page to learn more.

Educate. Cultivate. Nourish.

Who we are

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (GSC) cultivates ideas and strategies of environmental sustainability within our local community through practical education, social engagement, and collaborative partnerships. We also invite you to Meet our Team.


What we do

GSC offers workshops for beginning farmers in cultivating and sustaining small-scale gardens and family farms, hydroponics, aquaponics, and indoor gardens.


How you can help

We are an organization dedicated to the betterment of our people. We empower our local community by providing sustainable agricultural knowledge so that they can cultivate and sustain their own small-scale gardens and family farms. Our hope is that you will join us in this endeavor.


We acknowledge that a critical examination of island histories is essential to ongoing conversations regarding sustainable futures for island communities and it is a key component of our current food sovereignty and food security projects. This project attempts to highlight significant developments and turning points in Guåhan’s history of farming and agriculture. Read more about this project here.


Backyard Egg Production

Guåhan Sustainable Culture welcomed over 30 future chicken farmers to a Backyard Egg Production workshop that was conducted by the University of Guam’s Extension Specialist, Dr. Bob Barber along with Mark Acosta and Jessica Nanguata who are also from UOG. Read more here.


“Grow your own microgreens” with Summertown residents

As part of its year long programming, Guåhan Sustainable Culture held its popular microgreens workshop for the seniors and residents of Summertown Estates. Through this activity, participants were able to bring their finished plantings home to care for and harvest on their own. Read more here.

Read more on our past events, collaborations and workshops

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