Histories of Farming and Agriculture on Guåhan

In order to envision a future of environmental sustainability and food sovereignty on Guåhan, GSC’s public humanities project will provide the island’s community with knowledge of past and current agricultural practices, preserve and share stories of our island’s local farmers, and, most importantly, encourage profound connections to the land and island. In other words, we emphasize that farming and agriculture on Guåhan is central to Guåhan’s culture.

Farmers have been gathering and cultivating food on Guåhan for thousands of years. In this historical archive, we focus on the changes to farming and agriculture that have occurred throughout pivotal stages in Guåhan’s history.

We conducted oral interviews with some of Guåhan’s local farmers. Read and watch as they share their stories of why farming is important to them, how it’s rooted in their family history and culture, and how it keeps them connected to the land.

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