About GSC

Guåhan Sustainable Culture (GSC) cultivates ideas and strategies of environmental sustainability within our local community through practical education, social engagement, and collaborative partnerships. GSC believes that environmental sustainability translates into the well-being of our island community.

GSC envisions a Guåhan where its people strive toward food sovereignty and greater food security, where its people are proficient in cultivating their own food, and most importantly, where its land, air and seas are sustained for future generations.


Practical Education
GSC commits to provide training, skills, and information for our community members looking for innovative ideas and practices to help solve pressing issues – access to fresh local food, conserving natural resources and improving the well-being of our community. GSC offers workshops for beginning farmers in cultivating and sustaining small-scale gardens and family farms, hydroponics, aquaponics, and indoor gardens.

Social Engagement
GSC aims to protect our environment, reduce our community’s reliance on imported food and increase access to fresh local food, and nourish our people by engaging community members in cultivating self-sustaining food systems through small-scale family farms and gardens as well as community gardens.

Collaborative Partnerships
GSC supports projects and activities that focus on enabling local agriculture. It seeks to collaborate and partner with businesses and nonprofit entities with a collective purpose to develop and implement practical and innovative sustainable strategies to improve the well-being of our local families, our community, and our land, air and sea.

Guahan Sustainable Culture, incorporated as Oceanic Ascent Education, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.