We believe that for Guam to be more food sovereign, we must support local farmers who are growing locally-loved foods by purchasing and consuming mostly local produce. 

Visit our online store to purchase locally grown produce for curbside pickup. You can customize your produce and add on local products including honey, microgreens, various seedlings and lemmai (breadfruit) chips!

This is an open resource for people to find out more information about  local produce, the many recipes that incorporates the produce into everyday meals and their significance to Guam’s culture and society. By providing a way for people to explore more about their food and the people that produce them, we hope that people can find a greater connection to their food and strive to further food sovereignty on island.

GSC will use funds raised from the Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families campaign to pay farmers for their produce and in turn donate fresh produce to organizations that are currently feeding families and to families themselves who need food. Meanwhile, GSC will be in charge of logistics, planning distribution to these organizations. GSC is working with members of the Farmers’ Coop, other local farmers,  Catholic Social Services and Salvation Army, and with other organizations and individuals who are supporting front liners, those in quarantine, and those who just need access to healthy fresh produce.

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